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Covid Guidelines

Your safety is our priority. We are open as normal, with enhanced protective measures in place to protect you. All of our services will be delivered in line with the UK government’s social distancing measures and fully compliant with all PPE guidance from Public Health England and NHS England. To find out more about our ‘Zero-Transmission’ approach, please see below:

Zero-Transmission’ Approach

As a fully-registered clinic we plan to ensure the risk of transmission is near zero. We will achieve this by ensuring it is safe for our clients, doctors and staff when they arrive at the clinic. This protection plan aims to prevent COVID-19 infected individuals from entering the clinic. In the event an infected person does enter the clinic, these protocols aim for early detection and an elimination of transmission to ensure the clinic remains a zero-transmission hospital environment.

Comprehensive Client and Staff Screening

  • Pre-Appointment, all clients that’s has an appointment with us will be required to disclose whether or not they have been free of COVID symptoms for at least 7 days at the point of booking
  • All clients and staff will be subjected to a temperature and symptom check upon arrival at the clinic
  • Post-Clinic screening, all clients and staff will be required to notify us if they develop any COVID symptoms in the 7 days following their visit to the clinic. This will allow us to pursue a comprehensive ‘contact trace’ and retest programme for impacted personnel

Protective Equipment Including PPE

Clients must wear a mask on arrival to our clinic. Doctors should wear full NHS England and Public Health England recommended PPE equipment at all times, with protocols determined by the status of each individual client interaction. At a minimum this will include surgical gloves and a surgical mask, but may extend to surgical gowns, plastic apron and face visors where appropriate.

Social Distancing

  • Remote consultations, all clinically appropriate consultations will continue to be undertaken remotely, incl. preliminary consultations and follow ups
  • Socially distanced consultations and treatments
  • Where it is not possible to maintain distancing measures at all times, physical contact will be minimised
  •  A 2m rule is in force throughout all communal areas of the clinic
  •  Minimised waiting times, all clients are asked to arrive only 5 minutes before their appointment, at the earliest

Infection Control

Clients will be encouraged to follow frequent ritual hand sanitation protocols.

  • We ask that everyone entering the clinic to cover their shoes on arrival, a machine is provided at the entrance
  • All our treatment rooms and our communal areas are ventilated
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection throughout. We will be deep cleaning all our facilities daily and all communal areas hourly. All consultation rooms will be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected between clients
  • Payment protocols, we ask that all payments are paid by card before treatment wherever possible
  • We apologise we will no longer be offering hot drinks in our clinic at this time, but water is available in disposable glasses
  • You may be asked to wait outside to maintain distancing protocols, or will be given a seat adhering to social distancing guidelines

We are working hard to remain a COVID- secure clinic and ask for your cooperation with our ‘Zero-Transmission’ clinic guidelines.

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